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Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policies outlined below take into consideration the costs Thornapple Travel incurs long before groups ever depart. A notice of cancellation for your Thornapple Travel trip will only be accepted from the participant or his/her legal guardian and with verification from the Group Leader/Director. Written notice is required for cancellations: the date of cancellation is determined by the date on which Thornapple Travel receives your written notice. Non-payment of installment payments is considered a cancellation by the participant.

Cancellation Fees

180 days or more before departure: Full refund less non-refundable deposit

179 to 121 days before departure:      Full refund less non-refundable deposit and $ 75.00 cancellation fee

120 to 46 days before departure:      50% of trip fee

45 days or less before departure:      No refund will be issued

Should an individual cancel, there is an option to switch out with a new attendee. If the group is using the online payment function, ½ of the non-refundable deposit will be refunded to the cancelling participant once the new attendee is registered. The other ½ of the non-refundable deposit will be forfeited by the original participant. If there is no replacement, the cancellation policy will be followed.


In the event the trip is cancelled by a “Force Majeure” (an unforeseeable circumstance out of anyone’s control that cancels the event, i.e. US travel ban or social unrest etc.), we will work hard with our vendors to recover any monies already paid out on behalf of the group and/or participants. We will then refund the payments made to us by the group or participants less any money we are unable to recover.

In the event of the cancellation or reduced size of the trip, at the request of the group, the group is responsible for all non-recoverable expenses that have been paid on their behalf by Thornapple Travel. There will also be a $50.00 fee per participant for a total trip cancellation. Payments made by participants, less the $50 fee will be refunded after all non-refundable expenses are paid to Thornapple Travel by the group or there is an agreement to reduce the refund by the amount of the non-recoverable expenses. We will always work with the Group Leader on the amount refunded once we know the circumstances of the cancellation.


If you purchased additional travel Insurance, you may be required to provide proof of cancellation from Thornapple Travel to receive reimbursement.  Please provide them a copy of this cancellation policy and a copy of the email we send you after your group leader confirms your cancellation.

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