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     The success of our student tours rests largely on the wonderful chaperones. If your Group Leader has elected you as a chaperone, read on to learn how you will contribute to your tour.

General Responsibilities

Your group leader will have specific responsibilities outlined for you. For example, on the day of departure, help check in participants and make sure everyone is present. Take attendance of students in your charge each time you leave a site or board a bus. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the itinerary to help keep the group on schedule. For the safety of your group, assist in enforcing safety precautions, behavioral rules and your school’s code of conduct. Encourage students to pay attention while information is being given and remind them to call home and update their families on how much fun they’re having.

Assist with Hotels and Transportation

Work with Tour Directors to help students check in and out of the hotel. Go over your expectations of how they should behave on the elevators, pools and in public spaces. Overnight supervision varies by group, but you may need to help monitor behavior and ensure that students stay in hotel rooms after curfew. Most helpful during transportation, work with Tour Directors transitioning between flights, trains and motor coaches. Assist students at the baggage claim and make sure the group stays especially close together at the airport. An adult should help guide students during loading and unloading of equipment. Your group leader will have more specific instructions on site.


There are other ways you help make this experience truly memorable for your traveling family. Be on time. Be ahead of the students at scheduled meeting points. Be sure they are on time and ready every morning. Encourage them to take care of themselves and each other. Let them come to you for an understanding ear. Encourage them to thank their directors for making this trip happen. You may feel more tired than the youngsters so be patient and take care of yourself so you can care for others. Lead by example. 

Additional Paperwork

Schools require additional paperwork to assure the safety of their students. Please have these filled out well in advance. 

We thank you ahead of time for the work you are about to do to help our students stay safe during this unique adventure designed specifically for THEM! 

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