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Registration & Payment Page

** Your down payment is required in order to register

1. From the drop-down box below, pick your organization's trip.

2. After picking your trip, enter the organization's code (case sensitive) you were given by your group leader or

    the Thornapple Travel Tour Director and click on the "start" button.

3. If the correct organization's code was entered, a new box will open (you may need to scroll down). Please          click on the "Go to trip" button.

4. After clicking the "Go to trip" button our registration and payment page will open in a new tab.

5. Click on the Select button. You can now register and pay for your trip.

6. You will receive emails reminding you of upcoming payments. The reminder emails will contain a link for you      to click on to bring you to the payment site.

This organization's code could not be found. Please double check the code and school or email us at


We found your organization's trip. Here are some details. Click that button to go to the payment screen ->

Go to trip
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