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Fundraising Ideas

Doing a Google search for “BEST SCHOOL FUNDRAISING IDEAS” brought me several lists of possibilities for schools and churches.  The blogs you’ll find are full of suggestions and advice. There are links to get you connected to many fun projects!


Best Fundraisers

Your friends may be your biggest resource and your booster groups, your best organizers. As a former high school choir director and church ministries leader, I know the importance of letting go and letting the talent around you lead the projects that can pull you from doing your “real” job. Let others help you!


Fundraising money

Here at Thornapple Travel, we work very hard to make sure you don’t stress over the details of collecting money from your trip participants. We have a payment portal where making payments for your trip participants will be easy.  You won’t have to collect anything or even organize a spreadsheet. We will take care of this for you! Applying fundraising money starts with a phone call and ends with us doing the work for you.


CrowdFunding and Grants

Remember the ice bucket challenge on social media? That generated a lot of attention and a new way to raise money! Crowdfunding sites are a great resource for collecting and tracking donations, particularly for fundraisers with a strong online presence. Additionally, they allow you to communicate with your target audience through a personal web page, as well as with connections with Facebook, Twitter and email accounts.

Some good ones that have proven success include:  Fundly, Fundrazr, Pay It Square, and Go Fund Me. Don’t forget to ask your local foundation or education support groups.


Seasonal Project Ideas

Think ahead and get your support friends to work on a new project each season.


Fall: Corn Maze, Family Fun on the Farm, Pumpkin challenges and leaf raking/yard cleaning, car sales, write letters and apply for funds, auctions and garage sales…

Winter: Snow removal, Winter Carnivals, Caroling, Playing for parties, Themed "fun" night, Singing grams, gift wrapping, poinsettias at the concert…

Spring: Yard clean-up, garden planting, flower bulb sale, mattress sale, Perform-a-thon, Easter egg hunts, auctions and garage sales…

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