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Pick Your Trip

Short excursions designed to help your group travel on a budget and make the most of your time together.  We have many different locations to offer. Please Contact Us if you would like to view sample itineraries or build the perfect custom trip for your group.

One Day adventure activities to choose from:​


  • Enjoy skyscraper views

  • Visit a nationally-acclaimed museum, University or Park

  • Perform 

  • Take a unique group photo 

  • Dine in a famous restaurant and/or opt. for cash-backs

  • Tour a Luthier Shop or zoo

  • Meet a professional artist

  • Sight-see and shop 

  • See a Concert: Symphony, Musical, or other

  • Have an adventure and make great memories!

Multiple Day adventure activities to choose from:

  • Add to the things you can do in a one day adventure

  • Perform and/or participate in a music festival or exchange

  • Clinic while traveling and clinic with one of our experienced staff beforehand

  • Enjoy an Amusement Park 

  • Spend the night(s) in a 3-4 star hotel with breakfast included

  • Employ Night time security 

  • Use our Online Payment Portal

  • Have an adventure and make great memories!


Chicago, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Detroit, Lansing, Traverse City, Mackinac Island, Nashville, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Toronto, Pigeon Forge, Pittsburgh and more...

Enriching Tours

Longer tours that will allow your group to fully experience any location and all it has to offer.  We take the time to craft a trip with experiences/excursions that suit your group.  Please Contact Us if you would like to view sample itineraries.

Every option you see on a value tour PLUS these options:

  • Multiple nights in great destinations

  • Participate in a service project meeting the needs of the local community

  • Add outdoor activities from hiking caves to biking in parks

  • Partner with another school or program

  • Talk with a local performing Artist, possibly one of our own alumni

  • Do a workshop led by professionals actively performing

  • Use the public transportation under the careful leadership of our knowledgeable guides

  • Go behind-the-scenes

  • Eat where the locals eat 

  • Encounter multicultural opportunities in diverse settings

  • Remove the hassle of collecting money by using our Online payment portal

  • Make memories to last a lifetime


Stay longer at any of our value tour locations, NYC, Boston, Seattle, San Antonio, New Orleans, ORLANDO - Disney World, St. Louis, Washington D.C., Colonial Williamsburg, Denver, Hawaii











The possibilities are endless



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