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Safety and Security


For many students, a student tour is their first experience traveling without parents or guardians. It can be scary for parents to let their kids go on their own but rest assured that when your child is traveling with Thornapple Travel, their safety and security is of utmost importance. Your group leader will have assigned chaperones to take care of your son/daughter while away from home.


Nighttime Security

Most groups include nighttime security in their tour. When included, Thornapple Travel secures a nighttime security guard dedicated solely to the protection of your group.  Chaperones and leaders can get the rest they need to keep up with the group.


Motor Coaches

 To ensure the safety of all tour participants, our itineraries are built to comply with Driver Hours of Service laws. Our motor coach partners undergo a vigorous screening process and regular audits to ensure compliance with DOT regulations.


Contingency Plans for Travelers in Cases of Travel Delay

Should your group experience a travel delay requiring overnight accommodations or additional meals, Thornapple Travel will assist in handling any new arrangements. If the delay is caused by something we are responsible for, the new arrangements will be made at no cost to you or the group. 



Healthcare Assistance

Thornapple Travel will partner with the group leaders to assure proper procedures are followed. On trips with a Tour Director, Thornapple Travel will be available 24/7 to assist in acquiring a quick medical response.

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